Monday, October 11, 2010

Kitchens - Buyers Want Them Cozy & Connected

Kitchens aren't just for cooking anymore. They are the heart of the home and have become a gathering place for families and an open area for entertaining. Buyers today want a more versatile and open floor plan. If your house doesn't have this and you are considering selling here a few ideas to create that cozy feel that buyers are looking for.
  1. 1. Install a kitchen island. They are functional, provide storage, informal dining and provide space to entertain. Consider a portable island that fits with the existing decor.
  2. Look for comfy chairs. Skip the typical wooden bar stools for an upholstered bar stool with a back.
  3. Soften the lighting. Use accent lights and sconces for a more romantic, soft ambience. Hang a chandelier over the dining table.
  4. Add storage. Add a standalone cabinet, buffet or wall shelving to add additional storage space.
  5. Display quality pieces. Take artwork that you might be using in the living room and move it into the kitchen. Accessorize shelves with books and items you cherish.
  6. Make sure the basics are strong. If the bones aren't strong, fix those first. Make sure appliances are modern and the condition of countertops and cabinets are good. Replace dated flooring with tile or hardwood for a contemporary feel.

Information courtesy of Melissa Dittman Tracey and Realtor Magazine.

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