Friday, July 30, 2010

8 Tips For Adding Curb Appeal & Value To Your Home

Curb appeal has always been important for homesellers. With the vast majority of today's homebuyers starting their search on the Internet, the appearance of your property is more critical than ever. The way your house looks from the street can impact its value. Here are the curb appeal projects that offer the most value.

1. Paint the House. Give the exterior or your home a good paint job. Buyers will instantly notice it and appraisers will note it on the valuation. Just make sure to stay within the range of accepted colors for the real estate market in your area.

2. Have The House Washed. Before you invest in the paint job, just washing the house could make a world of difference. Pressure washing by a professional makes the house look bright and clean.

3. Trim Shrubs and Green Up the Yard. Put emphasis on landscaping. Cut down overgrown bushes and replace them with leafy plants and annuals. Take time to fertilize the yard and add grass seed to any bare spots to make the grass look perfect.

4. Add a Splash of Color. It could be a flower bed of colorful annuals by the mailbox, a paint job for the front door, or a brightly colored bench or Adirondack chair.

5. Add a Fancy Mailbox and House Numbers. An upscale mail box and architectural house numbers or an address plaque can give your house a distinctive look.

6. Repair or Clean the Roof. Call a professional to help with this. A roof is one thing a buyer looks for to be sturdy and in good condition.

7. Put Up A Fence. A picket fence with a garden gate is an asset to any yard.

8. Perform Routine Maintenance and Cleaning. Noting sets off alarms like hanging gutters, missing bricks from steps or lawn tools rusting in the bushes. A house is worth less if the maintenance isn't done. Little things can add up quickly and be a big detractor.

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