Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fall Is Here!

Fall is in the air and with it comes the 2008 hunting season. Hunting is a popular pastime enjoyed by many throughout the state of Montana. Whether you are a big game hunter, upland bird hunter, or avid fisherman, at Clearwater Montana Properties, we specialize in finding that choice piece of ground to enjoy these activities on. From 40 acres and hunting cabin high in the mountains to level acreage with a duck pond, property owners and residents of Montana enjoy a variety of wildlife opportunities and with it, the rights to hunt some of these animals. Not a hunter? We have many other recreational properties to choose from in different locations throughout Montana. Check out our website or give us a call.

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Austin said...

Hello Kevin!

I am reaching out to some of the bloggers I find here in Montana, and I was cruising your blog when that elk caught my eye. Very, very nice elk...did you get it, or find that picture somewhere?

Anyways, I work for a start-up in Missoula called Goomzee. Website and blog...

I am the Community Manager, and take care of all our blogging/social network upkeep, therefore most of the posts you will see coming from Goomzee will be from me.

I also have a personal blog that is unrelated to Goomzee, but I figured I would sign into it so you wouldn't think I was a spammer.

Anyways, I wouldn't strive to sell you anything in this setting, but feel free to check out our website and our text message marketing platform. I'm always happy to meet another blogger, and I will strive to keep up with your posts and add some valuable comments when I can.

Feel free to email me at; I look forward to networking with you! Have a great day, Kevin!